“No act of beauty is senseless, for the beautiful is never absurd.
Nothing is more meaningful than beauty.”
Dallas Willard
I came across this quote three or four days ago. Something about it struck a chord and I made a point to write it down. I had no idea at the time when or even if I would use it for anything. I only knew that it spoke to me.
A couple of days later I was having an especially difficult day. One of those days that are so hard I simply wanted to crawl away and hide. Every choice was the wrong choice. Every word was a harsh word. Every action was perceived as an attack. And, despite my best intentions, some of them were. I am my own and everyone else’s worst enemy at times. I came away feeling like everyone would be better off without me…
Later, I was sitting in my favorite chair trying to lose myself in a book and not having a whole lot of success. The TV was on for background noise. I couldn’t face my own thoughts. I didn’t want to re-live the events of the day. I couldn’t escape them though. It was a hi-lite reel of some of my worst moments on endless loop. I couldn’t even whisper the simplest of prayers. I felt so unworthy to do so. 
But God…

As I sat there, I noticed the light in the room begin to change. I normally love that time of the day. My Instagram account is a testament to that! I was doing my best to stay focused on my reading but the change in tone and light won me over. At first golden and pale; then deepening into rich ambers and then fiery reds.

No act of beauty is senseless…

I got up and stepped outside onto my front porch. The beauty unfolding before me so quickly would have been lost to the coming darkness. But for the simple act of stepping out. There was a whisper on the breeze…
You are needed.

You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

You are loved.

And much like the colors changing in front of me, that whisper took my breath away. Every inadequacy, every hurt that caused me to lash out earlier, slipped away like the sun. In that moment, I saw my worth reflected in the beauty of that sunset.
…for the beautiful is never absurd.

I found a reminder of grace in that beauty. A reminder that God steps in when we feel the least deserving and creates something beautiful out of the chaos in our lives. He clears away the haze that robs the light of its brilliance allowing us to embrace the beauty unfolding within. Those reminders are all around us if we will take the time to look for them. So easily missed but for the simple act of stepping out.
Nothing is more meaningful than beauty.

Step out and accept the grace that is offered. Embrace the beauty of that simple whisper on the breeze…
You are needed. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are loved.

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