Love stories aren’t always easy. Real love isn’t a fairy tale. It is certainly beautiful, but it’s also hard and holy work. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, inevitably you will be hurt. But love is always worth the risk.


We are created to love and be loved; each having a deep longing to be fully known and accepted. Take the risk. Don’t hold back. Love your children, your friends, your significant others, all fully and with abandon.

Today is difficult for a lot of us. This is true for as many reasons as there are people who have ever loved or ever will love. If you are struggling with being alone or lonely today, remember this: 

You are enough…exactly as you are.

You are beautiful…exactly as you are.

You are loved…precisely because of who you are. 


“Have the courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” Maya Angelou

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