My next guest in the series is Rachel Freeman. We have been friends for 36 years. We met our junior year of high school and have stuck with each other through thick and thin. She is one of those rare forever friends and I am thankful that she is mine! She typically only writes for her own personal pleasure and I am especially honored to be able to share this with you.
Hope is the savior of despair. It rescues us in our spirit.
When the turbulence of emotions threaten to overtake us and fling us into the pit of darkness…hope flickers its light.
When the noise of life convinces us that we cannot go on any longer…hope whispers an encouraging word.
When the cancers of this world invade our bodies and threaten to steal our last breath…hope shows us heaven.
When all that we have worked for is lost and we stand in the echoing emptiness of what was home…hope offers a window to see beyond the barren walls.
When the people we love throw us away as if we were trash…hope offers to show us a greater love and reminds us we are treasure.
Hope never dies, even when we feel as if we are dying inside…
Hope offers to write the promises of tomorrow on the pages of our lives…but often we neglect to accept the offer and we continue to live in the narratives of despair.
We all have times of feeling hopeless…but hope is ever present! We simply do not claim it. We carelessly let the webbings of our pain and stress and mundane existence trap it and hold it hostage from the abundant life we can experience. Hope does not cease to exist. We cease to look for it. We forget to hold on to it. We do not allow even a hint of its presence to exist for fear we will be disappointed if the outcome is not what we had imagined.
“I dare not hope” gives despair its stronghold.
We let despair have its victory in our lives when hope is hidden in the shadows just waiting to be embraced.
How do we find this hope?
The same way we find water. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find it…other times we have to listen for it…sometimes we have to look at the world around us and see it…sometimes we need a map to show us…sometimes another person will offer hope to us. No matter how we find it to quench our thirsty soul, we need to know the source of it so that we will never run out again.
I am confident that the source of hope is God alone.
God is eternal. God is infinite. God is absolute love and truth. God is our creator. God is our provider. God is our healer. God holds our future. God is the source of the hope that will sustain us through anything this life can throw at us…but we must hold on to that hope…we must hold on to God.
God is that light in the darkness.
God is that encouraging word.
God is the one who offers us heaven.
God is the shelter from every storm.
God is the one who promises you are loved unconditionally.
God is the one who declares that you are precious.
Hope is not wishing on a star. It’s looking up at the stars and seeing the majesty of heaven and knowing there is more to life than this earthly domain…
Hope is not crossing your fingers…it’s God crossing His heart with the promise that ALL things work together for good to those who love Him.
Hope…the savior of despair.
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, 
so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
Romans 15:13
Here’s the proof that we have indeed known each other for most of our lives…and that nothing much has changed. Here’s to love and laughter and forever friendship!!

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