I sit here quietly in the wee hours of Christmas Eve. The first calm moment I’ve had all day. Contemplating where I’ve come from in the past year and the changes that are yet to come.There have been some difficult moments to be sure. But this year has also been a year of redemption. I’m thankful for the gift of this day…thankful for Immanuel, God with us.

That’s not always been the case though. There have been Christmases filled not with joy and hope, but with hurt and despair. Those not filled with peace and love, but with bitterness and loneliness. I know for some of you reading this, that’s where you find yourselves this Christmas season. Simply going through the motions because that’s what friends and family expect. You don’t want anyone to know just how empty you feel.

I want to let you in on a little secret. I know exactly how you feel and it’s ok. 

You can find this post rewritten here: You Are Not Alone.  Because someone, somewhere needs to know they are not alone. That where ever they find themselves at this moment, someone understands…


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