I stand here in the broken
Shards all around
Lost in the dark of lonely hours
Trying to hold my ground
I am the stranger broken
Discarded on the side of the road
Watching as you pass me by
You never even slowed
I am the woman at the well
Alone in the midday sun
The reminders of my sin
Can never be outrun
I am the woman scorned
Standing naked and ashamed
You in your robes of righteousness
Your stones held high and aimed
I am the woman on the rooftop
The victim of one in power
You cast all blame upon me
From the confines of your ivory tower
The price for redemption’s high
Requiring blood to be shed
But how long can I bleed
Before there’s nothing left
I stand here in the broken
Longing for the love you spoke
Drowning in your platitudes
You smiling as I choke…

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