Today is Inauguration Day. 

For some, it will be a day of celebration. For others, a day of sadness. And for others, just another day. One thing for sure, it will be a day that will have far reaching ramifications.

A good many Christians see this as a second coming of sorts. The resurrection of the United States of America, ushered in by chants of “Make America Great Again!”

For some of us, we are dreading today and what our future holds. 

We’ve seen the man, who is now our President, degrade women, minorities, and those with disabilities. 

He has been less than forthcoming about his foreign dealings, possible business conflicts of interest, and has yet to release his tax returns. 

He has begun the haphazard repeal of Obamacare without giving us any reassurance that there are viable options available for those dependent on it for their healthcare needs. Anyone with any type of pre-existing condition could possibly find themselves uninsurable. As someone with a daughter who has spent a lot of the last 6 months in and out of the hospital, this is frightening as she would become one of those uninsurable. For some, this will be a matter of life and death. 

Cabinet confirmation hearings have been started without proper vetting of cabinet appointees. Watching the confirmation hearings has been enlightening. Lack of experience for the position they have been chosen for, the inability to answer yes or no questions, and not being able to say that promises made by their President-Elect would be upheld have been telling. More detailed information can be found in this Washington Post article. And if you want to scream fake news, do your own research. 

And we are supposed to blindly trust that this President has our best interests at heart.

Evangelical Christians insist that I must respect the Office of the President as well as the President himself. That now is the time for unity and prayer for our nation. 

I can respect the office without respecting the man behind the desk. Respect is something that is earned and up to this point, he has done nothing to earn my respect. He is a bully who himself shows absolutely no respect for the office he now holds. He rages at anyone who doesn’t fall in line and uses 3:00am Twitter rants to denigrate anyone who disagrees with him. Much like the playground bullies from our childhood. 

And Christians, you have done the same. With insults thinly veiled in humorous memes, or simply outright, using name calling and belittling. My social media feeds are full of it. Anyone who expresses any concern or fear over what the next four years may hold is met with your disgust. How dare we say, “not my president.” Yet you have said the same for the last 8 years. 

Your calls for prayer and unity ring false as you call me an idiot. A pansy. A snowflake. Un-American. Not me personally, though after today, you might. 

Every time you take to your social media pages and call someone else, someone you don’t know, whose life experiences you know nothing about, those very names, you should go ahead and tag me in that post. 

I am that person.

You go so far as to question my belief in Christ simply because I don’t and won’t tow the party line. Being affiliated with a certain political party does not now, nor ever has, equaled to having a relationship with Christ. 

It is my right as an American, my God-given right, if you will, to disagree with the sitting President. To disagree with you. To fight for those who are marginalized. To stand up for those who fear the consequences of the policies of this administration. I can do so respectfully. Without the bullying. Without the name-calling. Without the shaming. 

It doesn’t make me any less of an American. Or any less of a Christ follower. I would like to think that it makes me more of both. 

I would ask the same of you. 

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