It’s 3:49am on Christmas morning. The chaos of the day is a distant memory. I sit in the calm before the storm of laughter and gift giving that daylight will bring.

For some of us, this time of the year isn’t always holly and jolly; it’s not always merry and bright. Whatever darkness you face, whatever fear has you paralyzed, know you are not alone.

Maybe it’s a cancer diagnosis. An addiction. The death of a loved one. A broken marriage. The end of a friendship. Maybe you’ve walked away from family. Walked away from the church of your youth. Perhaps you’re contemplating washing your hands of your faith entirely.

You are not alone.

We are each one of us facing our own darkness. Living with our own fear. While I have no pretty solutions, nor easy answers to offer, I hold onto the belief the light is winning.

Love entered our darkness with the birth of a baby. Out of the pain and in the midst of fear, rent from darkness, light came screaming into the night…

God with us.

God with all of us still wandering in the wilderness. God with all of us who carry more questions than answers. God with all of us wounded and abandoned. God with all of us depressed and lonely. God with us in the great and the small. Especially in the wee small hours of this morning.

My prayer this Christmas is that you find Light in the darkness, Peace in the light of day, and Love in the small things.


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