Love in the Days of the Nasty and Deplorable


They will know us by our love…

The big question is, do they? What is it we have shown the world this election season? This season marred by political corruption, infidelity, sexual assault, racism, bullying, lies, misogyny, abortion, emails, blah, blah, blah.

Social media has become the new battlefield. I’ve watched family members and friends take to their respective corners and subsequently come out fighting. Even after tomorrow, when the votes are counted and a new president has been elected, sadly the battle won’t be over.

Conspiracy theories run amok. Any news story that at the very least supports their own viewpoint, and at the most denigrates the opposite viewpoint is shared and touted as absolute truth.

Minorities, refugees, the disabled, any who are marginalized, live in fear of what will happen come January. Many Christians are certain we are in the end times. That our country is being punished for evil and that abortion and marriage outside of their constructs will run rampant and destroy America.

There are some relationships that won’t recover from the name calling and insults.

We have dismissed victims of sexual assault saying boys will be boys and telling them to simply get over it. Those who have lived with the agonizing decision of abortion have had to endure being called murderer and baby killer. Those of us who have suffered through miscarriage have had to see your posts featuring pictures of hacked up babies. Those we have loved and trusted have called us the most vile and disgusting things; calling into question our very belief in Christ, in Love, merely because of how our vote will be cast.

This election has become a dumpster fire of epic proportions. Love and kindness caught in the crossfire. I know that love ultimately wins. But y’all, the damage that has been done in the name of love has been catastrophic.


We may become king of our respective hills, but when we look down upon our kingdom, what will we see?


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