I’m going to go back to what I love during this Lenten Season…taking photos and highlighting the beauty in the everyday, the sacredness of all that is around us, and in doing so, finding God in his creation.

I’ll be using Diana Butler Bass’ Grounded: Forty Day Devotional as a guide. I hope you’ll join me on this 40 day journey back to Immanuel, God with us.

“The sky is beyond our comprehension. Where does it begin or end? How large is it? . . . The sky touches the earth, yet its outer edges are infinitely far from us. It is where we always are, what we always breathe. . . . The sky is the most intimate inner space and the most incomprehensible outer reaches of the universe.” (Grounded, p. 100)


If you know me at all, or follow my Instagram feed, you know I love a sunset photo more than just about any other, with maybe the exception of flowers! There’s a majesty and mystery associated with the vastness of the heavens. The God that created and inhabits such grandeur, walks with me in the ordinary, every day.

Sunsets are particularly beautiful. It has been said that certain pollutants, up to a point, can enhance particular colors in a sunset. Which is why, at times, the warmer colors of red, pink and orange make the sky appear to be on fire. So like God, who is woven into the tapestry around us, to create beauty out of destruction. And like the sky, “is where we always are, what we always breathe.”

“God is not above or beyond, but integral to the whole of creation, entwined with the sacred ecology of the universe.” He is the air that we breathe, the light that bathes us with the warmth of his presence.

If all ground is holy ground, all water, holy water then the skies are a holy space. A space to enter into worship and communion with the God who is with us.


Today’s Prayer
“May I see how I am surrounded by you today, God.”
Diana Butler Bass