I’m going to go back to what I love during this Lenten Season…taking photos and highlighting the beauty in the everyday, the sacredness of all that is around us, and in doing so, finding God in his creation.

I’ll be using Diana Butler Bass’ Grounded: Forty Day Devotional as a guide. I hope you’ll join me on this 40 day journey back to Immanuel, God with us.

“Earth, water, sky, and fire. There is God. A spiritual revolution and ancient awareness.” (Grounded, p. 126)


The classical elements of earth, water, air, and fire were the elements thought to be essential to life. The foundation of all existence. Of course we know now that it isn’t quite that simple.

We see these same elements literally and symbolically, all throughout scripture. “God is not above or beyond, but integral to the whole of creation, entwined with the sacred ecology of the universe.” He is all things.

The spirit moved over the deep, his breath over the waters, creating the earth as we know it. From the dust of the earth, he created us.

His spirit washing over us like water, sustaining, cleansing; giving living water so that we may thirst no more.

We see the sky as his home, yet he inhabits every space; his presence reaching to the stars while at the same time, his very breath, a caress in the wind.

He showed himself in fire, speaking to Moses from a burning bush. His spirit likened to fire, refining, igniting passion, symbolic of his presence in our lives.

These elements, earth, water, air, and fire, symbolic of the God who is not above or beyond, but God with us, throughout all of time.


Today’s Prayer:
“May I feel the heartbeat of the earth
with my feet on the ground;
may I be cleansed by life-giving water;
may I bend in the wind of the spirit;
may I be aflame with the love that animates the universe.”
Diana Butler Bass