I’m going to go back to what I love during this Lenten Season…taking photos and highlighting the beauty in the everyday, the sacredness of all that is around us, and in doing so, finding God in his creation.

I’ll be using Diana Butler Bass’ Grounded: Forty Day Devotional as a guide. I hope you’ll join me on this 40 day journey back to Immanuel, God with us.


“A door is the place of coming and going, of safety and protection, and of welcome. . . . Doors keep out danger, but also usher guests and strangers into the sanctuary that is home. The doorway serves as a moral stage for the practice of hospitality, an architectural reminder of how we receive others into the inner places of our lives.” (Grounded, pp. 181–182)


Before we moved here to Tennessee, we lived in a great little neighborhood with lots of kids around for my younger two boys to play with, which we loved. But, because we both worked, the only people we actually knew were the neighbors on either side of us. We left our house each day, maybe waving to neighbors, saying hello as we left, and repeating the scenario as we came back each evening.

Our door was a place of coming and going, of safety and protection, but not necessarily one of welcome. This wasn’t something we set out to do, it happened because we were so caught up in the busyness of our own lives that we didn’t have time for anything else.

Once we moved here, that changed dramatically for us. We joined a home group from church, hosted Bunco, had weekly neighborhood cookouts, and while our door wasn’t always the point of entry, our hearts and our lives were. We have been made all the richer for opening ourselves up to and for others. We have had countless opportunities to show hospitality, and have it returned to us in various forms over the almost 12 years we have been here. It’s an experience I wouldn’t change for the world.

Is the door to your home and heart a space to cultivate welcome and hospitality? In what ways do you practice that hospitality?

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2


Today’s Prayer:
“Give me courage, God,
to offer hospitality to anyone
who wanders through my life today—
to give a kind word, a smile, a hand of help,
or a moment of blessing to those in need of welcome.”
Diana Butler Bass