I’m going to go back to what I love during this Lenten Season…taking photos and highlighting the beauty in the everyday, the sacredness of all that is around us, and in doing so, finding God in his creation.

I’ll be using Diana Butler Bass’ Grounded: Forty Day Devotional as a guide. I hope you’ll join me on this 40 day journey back to Immanuel, God with us.


Day 8: “As we pay attention to rivers and seas, we might also discover God’s fluid presence with the water.” (Grounded, p. 71)


Again, I am coming back to this; “God is not above or beyond, but integral to the whole of creation, entwined with the sacred ecology of the universe.”

He is creation, and creation is him.  All ground, holy ground. All water, holy water.

God is water, living water. And that water is never ending, his presence, fluid. Moving how and when we need him. There will be moments we need the gentleness of a stream or the stillness of a lake, just as there will be moments we long for the rush of a waterfall or the vastness of the ocean. Occasionally we will need to surrender, to simply be held by him. We can find power there, as well as gentleness, depending on our need, and our willingness to accept his gift.

 As he is in all things, we can be assured that wherever we are, he is, and we can experience communion with him.

Today’s scripture is from Ecclesiastes 1:7 “Rivers run into the sea, but the sea is never full. Then the water returns again to the rivers and flows out again to the sea.”

His love flows to us, but we are never filled. His love, like his presence, is fluid and graciously never ending. 


Today’s Prayer:
“God, as the rivers flow over the earth in never-ceasing rhythm,
may I know that your love flows in my life as well,
always returning to water my soul.”
Diana Butler Bass