I’m going to go back to what I love during this Lenten Season…taking photos and highlighting the beauty in the everyday, the sacredness of all that is around us, and in doing so, finding God in his creation.

I’ll be using Diana Butler Bass’ Grounded: Forty Day Devotional as a guide. I hope you’ll join me on this 40 day journey back to Immanuel, God with us.

Photo credit: George Vinson


Day 9: “Ancient biblical tradition suggests that waters – wells, springs, oases – are also places of renewal, hospitality, and spiritual vision, where human beings see God and receive God’s blessing.” (Grounded, p. 73)


I know that most of you reading this probably don’t use or have access to well water, but may have growing up. When we vacationed with my grandparents we used well water for the two weeks we were there. Granted we didn’t have to go to the well and pump our own water to carry into the house, but could when we wanted a drink outside. I remember hating the taste and smell, thinking, “why can’t they have real water?” Looking back though, when we did pump it outside, it was always icy cold and incredibly refreshing on those hot summer days in August. It became our oasis, our place of renewal. As kids, we didn’t think of it that way, it was simply a cold drink or splash in the face.

Today, so many of us take for granted our access to clean, healthy water. Access to renewal and sustenance, places to receive hospitality and blessing. Places where that is not available don’t only exist in 3rd world countries, but also here, in major cities and rural areas across the United States.

God is all things, he is not above or beyond, but inexplicably woven into the tapestry around us. All ground is holy ground, and all water, holy water, and caring for the earth is a spiritual practice; a form of worship and communion with God.

We are to care for this gift of creation he has entrusted to us to ensure that these gifts are available now and in the future. As Diana said, “All human beings should be able to play at water’s edge, to drink good water, and find renewal and health there.”


Today’s Prayer:
“Open my eyes, O God,
to see the wells of your presence around me in the world today.
And give me the passion to provide wells and water for all.”
Diana Butler Bass