We spent years in this place
Living separate lives together
An easy place once accustomed to the cold
Pretending we weren’t numb to our feelings
Souls with no reflection, hearts that are broken
Slowly surrendering to the enemy within

With a kiss walls slowly began to crumble
Grace shining hope in the barren places…

But the enemy within is relentless
Knowing which wounds to reopen
Poisoning with bitterness and distrust
Stripping the hope of Grace
Endlessly throwing punches
At the bruises causing the most pain

Walls are hastily rebuilt against the onslaught
Keeping hope from the barren places…

As the past crashes in, we retreat to the broken
Dancing our waltz among the shattered pieces
I hate the ache of this loneliness, this deafening silence
The distance between us a chasm not easily crossed
I long for your touch, for a glance, a smile
For the breath of hope in the barren places

Tu Me Manques – You are missing from me…

But in your great mercy
you did not put an end to them or abandon them,
for you are a gracious and merciful God.
Nehemiah 9:31







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  1. Stephen Lewis Reply

    Absolutely haunting and beautiful. I have always loved the way the Rrench expression shifts the focus from me to you. Are you familiar with the song "Te Manquer" by Grand Corps Malade and Sandra Nkaké, from the current GCM album Funambule? (Video is here: http://youtu.be/Rz3nts6ZcIk.) Fits well.

  2. Carol Vinson Reply

    Thank you so much, Stephen. I don't do poetry very often and this one was a risk for me. "Haunting and beautiful" – wow! That really means a lot.

    And the song, oh my goodness, just perfect. Had me in tears…

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