Today’s guest is Stephen R. Lewis. I first met Stephen earlier this year on Twitter. He was gracious enough to comment on “Tu Me Manques”, sharing his love of music with me by posting a link to a song that complimented that post beautifully. He has since been incredibly supportive and encouraging to me in my life and my writing because he takes the time to actually notice. A rare thing, especially in our online world. I’ve come to appreciate his friendship a great deal. 

Sometimes hope is a four-letter word.
When words recklessly wound – knives piercing the soul.
When they sting and burn – acid etching the soul.
When they explode and fragment – shrapnel shredding the soul.

Yes. Sometimes hope is a four-letter word.

When words are empty and void – betraying the pain.
When they deepen the darkness – distilling the pain.
When they deny the truth – deflecting the pain.
Hope is a four-letter word.

When it tells us,
we have not done enough,
prayed enough,
believed enough,
repented enough,
enough is enough!
Hope is a four-letter word.

If hope is to be more than a four-letter word,
I must enter your darkness, present and listening.
Sitting and walking, leading and holding.
You and me – in community.

Sometimes, hope is more than a four-letter word.



Musical note: I know of no artists who wrestle more honestly with hope and the reality of life than Over the Rhine (start with The Long Surrender) and Rich Mullins.

A well-caffeinated communications, book, and freelance editor, occasional writer, and sometimes critical thinker, Stephen R. Lewis grew up in six countries on three continents and yet finds himself inexplicably living in Indiana. His life has been and inept pursuit of God and grace for himself and for others. Follow him on Twitter @stphnrlws.

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